Celiac Disease In Children : A Genetic Disorder

Contrary to popular belief, celiac disease in children is not a rare childhood disease. As a matter of fact, about 2 million Americans live with this disease. Today, celiac disease is recognized as a common genetic disorder in children. Celiac disease is a genetic disorder that involves the small intestines. The digestive tract has an … Read more

Symptoms of Celiac Disease : Often Overlooked

Celiac disease is a common genetic disorder involving the small intestines. About 2 million Americans have this disease, which was originally thought to be a rare childhood disease. It is now known to be a very common genetic disorder. Celiac disease symptoms are most often very unspecific. Celiac disease is caused by an allergic reaction … Read more

Treatment Of Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is triggered by a protein called gluten and it affects many people worldwide. Identifying its symptoms can help diagnose this disease easily. Celiac disease mostly affects the small intestines. Many foods contain the gluten protein and when this disease affects a person, he or she should follow a special gluten free diet. Patients … Read more