Gluten Free Restaurants Make Dining Out Easy

Eating a gluten free diet is the only way to control celiac disease and gluten allergies. Making sure your diet is free from gluten is easy at home since you control your ingredients. For years, people with gluten allergies avoided dining out because of their dietary limitations and restrictions. Thankfully, those days are over since many popular restaurants now offer gluten free foods. Gluten free restaurants cater to all kinds of palates, so no matter what type of cuisine you crave, there is an option for you. No longer do gluten sensitive people have to choose between suffering allergies by joining friends and family for meals out or staying home, there are now gluten free options.

The Most Popular Gluten-Free Restaurants

1 . PF Chang’s has an entire menu devoted to gluten free foods. Starters, soups, entrees, rice dishes, vegetarian options, side items and even desert items are offered on PF Changs gluten free menu. Offering an entire range of courses, PF Changs is a terrific option when you a looking for gluten free restaurants. PF Changs takes gluten allergies seriously and even uses a specially marked logo plate to serve gluten free dishes. These dishes ensure no mistakes are made as food is prepared, plated and delivered to guests with gluten intolerance. While PF Changs does prepare foods that contain gluten in their kitchens, all kitchen and wait staff are carefully trained to avoid cross contamination and take this task seriously.

2 . Another great option for gluten sensitive dinners is Outback Steakhouse. The gluten-free menus offered by Outback Steakhouse are extensive, varied and delicious. People with celiac disease or gluten allergies will never feel deprived of choice at Outback Steakhouse. Signature gluten free Aussie-tizers, cocktails, and deserts are standouts on Outback’s gluten free menu, and it does not stop there. Signature cut Outback steaks, burgers and sandwiches, salads, seafood dishes, combination menus and even a kid’s gluten free Joey menu make Outback a great choice for gluten intolerant diners of all ages and tastes.

3 . Applebees makes dining out with gluten allergies easy. Offering a breakdown of menu items that are free from gluten allergens, Applebees offers a variety of options. Appetizers, salads, steaks, seafood, chicken, desserts, sides and a range of sauces are listed as gluten free foods offered by Applebees. Gluten sensitive diners can use this itemized list to create meals and combinations they enjoy eating while sticking to their dietary restrictions.

Bonefish Grill happily accommodates gluten free dinners with a full gluten free menu. Offering starters, greens, grilled fish and other grilled specialties like steak, fresh vegetable sides and deserts, Bonefish offers a well-rounded gluten-free restaurant choice. All martinis, wines, and rocks served at Bonefish grill are free of gluten, making it a great choice for an after work cocktail with gluten intolerant colleagues or friends.

With so many high-quality gluten free restaurants, there is no need for people with gluten intolerance to feel left out. Gluten free menus make it easy to avoid the discomfort associated with gluten intolerance and give you options. From appetizers and cocktails to seafood and steaks, gluten free foods are on the menus of some of the most popular restaurants in the country. Go online to visit Pf Changs, Outback Steakhouse, Applebees, and Bonefish Grill to see the options for yourself. Once you have made your choice, call some friends, go out to eat, and enjoy gluten free restaurants.

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