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“Recently I tried You're My EVERYTHING! Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour, which has cup for cup ratio to 'regular' flour. I was immediately impressed that I didn't have to mix a bunch of different types of flour together, which is usually the case in gluten free baking. The process can be confusing, discouraging, and downright time consuming. I used the flour to recreate my favorite banana pancake recipe, which I haven’t had since being diagnosed with celiac disease. I struggle on a daily basis making gluten free meals that everyone in the family will enjoy. My husband, in particular, turns his nose up at anything gluten free, for good reason. Some of the recipes I’ve tried to recreate have ended in failure. I changed nothing in the recipe and immediately noticed a difference. A good difference. These were the fluffiest pancakes I had ever made! But the true test came from my husband...would he know the difference? I put the plate down in front of him, and he eagerly dug in. After he asked for seconds, I sat down with my pancake and proceeded to eat. My husband’s jaw dropped as I tasted the first bite, and he exclaimed, “Are these gluten free?” I nodded, and he shook his head in unbelief. The pancakes had a light but substantial flavor and no gluten free ‘aftertaste‘ so often apparent in other flour mixes. The pancakes were not gritty or crumbly and had a ‘normal’ texture. I really like this flour blend and will definitely use it to make all my favorite “celiac unfriendly” recipes. No more food or money will be wasted at our house!”

Cassi C.
South Jordan, UT

“We absolutely LOVED your 'Your My Everything' flour! By far the best one for one flour we have ever tried. Last night we had some friends over for dinner. We had the cupcakes I made with your flour for desert. Our friends could not even tell they were GF cupcakes! The texture your flour produces is the same as regular flour. My husband (the one with Celiac) ate five cupcakes that night and two the next morning for breakfast. We will most definitely be customers for life!”

Libby T.
South Jordan, UT

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