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“I made your pizza crust recipe! It is awesome!!! I had other people try it and they couldn’t even tell it was gluten free!!! Love it! Very soft and the flavor was great!!”

Amber P.
Jacksonville, FL

"Coming from a ‘Gluten Eating’ household: “First I have to say, I wouldn’t call us “pancake people”. We usually do french toast. However, after trying your flour we are fans! My husbands words were “Hmm, it’s REALLY good.” All the kids loved it. Big stamp of approval on your pancakes from the “French toast people”

Keri Lynn F.
Bloomington, IN

“I bought 2 sample bags of your flour @ the gluten free expo and used the muffin recipe to make some raspberry blueberry muffins and it was the first baked item I've made that actually turned out and tasted good. Thank you....Thank you for good tasting flour that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tammy H.
Salt Lake City, UT

"Whenever I buy a gluten free product I know I am taking a risk because it might have a weird texture and it usually makes my recipes turn out a little dry. This gluten free flour behaved like regular wheat flour and tasted even better but it didn't have a heavy feeling on my stomach like regular flour does. I made pancakes with this flour and they were very fluffy and moist. My kids loved them and even my husband (who avoids my Gluten free cooking) loved them and couldn't tell the difference. What a great product!”

Cheryl W.
Cedar City, UT

“This flour mix is great. I've been eating/cooking Gluten Free for over 30 years and this is the best flour combination I've ever found. It makes a great cup for cup substitution for 'regular'; flour in 'regular' recipes. It makes the food moist, bound together, non-grainy, and great tasting because there isn't any soy or bean flours in it that create a terrible aftertaste. To those people who think Gluten Free food won't ever taste as good as 'regular' food, think again.”

Danielle T.
Milwaukee, WI

“I made pancakes from your flour for my family. They were awesome! My husband that has not tried much gluten free food, said that they were the best pancakes he has ever had. I also felt they were better by far than any gluten free pancake I have had, including the new bisquick gluten free pancakes. They didn’t have the texture or after taste that most gluten free food has. I am excited to buy some more of your flour mix to use for baking. Thanks so much for sharing this flour with my family. It has been a very hard few months for me finding out I have celiac disease and trying to find food that taste good.”

Kim F.
Riverton, UT

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