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“Oh my gosh your flour is great! I made cupcakes with it and it was wonderful they actually turned out and tasted and looked good. Which is saying so much, because seriously all those other flours out there destroy anything I try to bake (like oatmeal cookies that flattened into a pan cookie and then hardly stuck together) and are grainy. I had to buy some more of your flour for my Mom to actually have, she is way excited! She hasn't done much Gluten-free baking because all those other flours are grainy and destroy anything you try to bake. Thanks for making a Flour that tastes delicious and actually turns out when you bake with it."

Danae H.
South Jordan, UT

“Now I know why you named your product Oh My Gluten Free®. Just made my first item with your product - a modified pumpkin/banana bread recipe that I made muffins with. With every bite, I couldn't help but say, "oh my!'. They are so light, fluffy and delicious and don't have the chalky taste I always get with GF baking. This is honestly the first time I have used a GF product that deceived my kids. My 6-year old just said "I want another muffin.' Cooking will never be the same for me...thank goodness!”

Chris W.
Irvine, CA

“Hi. I've tried your flour and love it! It makes better pancakes (and other things) than normal flour!”

Laura S.

“LOVE your flour. I tried other {flour} as well as yours - you win, hands down."

Kim S.

“Amazing product! The best GF flour I have ever used. I think Betty Crocker and Pillsbury should be very afraid. Thank you, thank you for restoring some deliciousness to GF. You get my personal five star rating. Made the cookies and banana bread and they both looked just like the pictures. That never happens. The taste was amazing! Look forward to trying your flour in other recipes now. Off to your website now to purchase more."

Nancy N.

"I do have to write to tell you that I used the sample of flour I bought at the GF show, and was most impressed. I just followed a normal coffee cake recipe, substituting it, and couldn't tell the difference, it was so light. I was truly surprised, having made my own flour mixes, and bought most of the ones on the market! Great product!”


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